Journey to Normal Documents Women Returning Home from War

Journey to Normal pic

Journey to Normal

Business leader Aubrey Gladstone is the chief executive officer of Gladstone Consulting, Inc. headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, where he and Marianne Gladstone have managed more than $100 million of business transactions. GCI has long benefited from management skills of former military officers, which prompted Aubrey Gladstone to become a sponsor of Journey to Normal, a documentary film project detailing the transition of female combat veterans to civilian life.

Currently in post-production, Journey to Normal explores the increasingly central role of women in the United States military, who now represent more than 15 percent of all fighting forces. Not only has the availability of roles expanded significantly, but the nature of combat itself has changed as well.

Directed by Julie Hera DeStefano, Journey to Normal addresses the unique psychological and social challenges facing women veterans in the United States. The documentary allows women themselves to tell their stories, creating a narrative that seeks to blend societal conceptions of civilian and military culture.

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