Annual Membership Types Offered by the AOPA

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association pic

Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

The president and CEO of Gladstone Consulting, Inc., Aubrey Gladstone served as a commercial pilot with National Jet Corp. Aubrey Gladstone has experience flying jets, helicopters, and propeller aircraft. He and Marianne Gladstone have long been members of the Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association.

The Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA) is the largest aviation community in world. Spanning 75 countries, the organization offers both annual and lifetime memberships. There are four different types of annual membership that are briefly described below:

Regular: Costing $59 a year, regular membership provides individuals with either a “Flight Training” or “AOPA Pilot” magazine subscription and access to AOPA media resources, newsletters, and a helpline. Premier: Premier memberships cost $99 a year and include all the benefits of the regular membership. Members also receive a 20 percent discount on AOPA Pilot Gear, advanced screening of Air Safety Institute online courses. Premier Plus: The premier plus membership is $179 per year and comes with the added benefit of AOPA Pilot Protection services and coverage to protect their pilot certificate. Pro Pilot: The highest annual membership available, pro pilot memberships cost $259 a year and is designed for professional pilots. Members get access to accidental death and dismemberment insurance and term life insurance.


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