Journey to Normal Documentary Chronicles Women in Today’s Military


Journal to Normal pic

Journal to Normal

Aubrey Gladstone serves as CEO of Gladstone Consulting in Boca Raton, Florida, where he oversees the company’s strategic decisions and handles its overall planning. Beyond his responsibilities at the firm, Aubrey Gladstone supports several charities, including the film production of Journey to Normal.

Journey to Normal: Women Come Home is a feature-length documentary that focuses on the experiences of women in the military and their readjustments to normal life after serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. It explores the rising involvement of women in the military, which has reached a new precedent in recent years with more women serving than ever before. Women in today’s military make up 15 percent of the total force and their roles now consist of many positions previously exclusive to male soldiers. More than 280,000 women served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Goals of the film include the advancing of a deeper understanding for these individuals and to apply that understanding to professional services offered to veterans. In addition, it fosters public involvement in helping to meet the needs of veterans returning from service and cultivates a network that connects veterans to one another. Women veterans can also record their experiences in Journey to Normal’s video archive in order to share their stories for historic preservation and research.

To learn more about the Journey for Home documentary, visit


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