About Aubrey Gladstone

Au1451335848_AWGbrey Gladstone is the project manager/CEO of Gladstone Consulting, Inc., a company specializing in problem resolution for businesses and investors. Aubrey Gladstone is responsible for developing strategies in corporate liquidations and attendant litigation; Marianne Gladstone serves as the group’s liaison with the outside consulting teams across the country.

Before starting Gladstone Consulting, Aubrey Gladstone served as president and CEO of the National Leasing Corporation in Pittsburgh. He specialized in finance, business structure, and litigation support. Aubrey Gladstone also served as a reserve commercial pilot for National Jet Corp.

Mr. Gladstone received a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering at Lehigh University in 1968, while also undergoing training as a pilot. He subsequently earned his MBA with high honors from the University of Pittsburgh in 1971.

Mr. Gladstone is involved in several professional organizations, including the National Association of Equipment Lessors, the National Business Aircraft Association, and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. His charitable activities include supporting Journey to Normal, a film depicting the lives of women who served in the war at Iraq and Afghanistan.

Apart from handling corporate issues in the workplace, Aubrey Gladstone and Marianne Gladstone spent their off time touring the globe in small aircraft.


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