Three Reasons to Gain Work Experience before Entering an MBA Program


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Work Experience

For more than 20 years, Aubrey Gladstone has served as president and CEO of Gladstone Consulting, Inc., a firm that goes beyond traditional consulting with its hands-on strategy implementation. A graduate of the MBA program at University of Pittsburgh, Aubrey Gladstone gained years of work experience as a pilot and business manager between college and pursuing his MBA.

Many aspiring business leaders face the decision of whether they should continue their education in a graduate program before gaining real-world experience. Some choose to start an MBA program right away, while others enter the workforce for a few years and return later. Here are three benefits tied to the latter approach.

1. Expand personal perspective

Staying in school will no doubt open one up to a variety of knowledge and learning, but it will be limited to the environment. Taking some time to work before returning, by contrast, helps balance the way young professionals see the business world.

2. Improve admission chances to the right school

Applying to an MBA program straight out of undergraduate studies places a student in a pool of hundreds of similar candidates. Venturing into the workplace helps differentiate prospective grad students from others, and it helps aspiring MBA students determine what schools best fit their interests.

3. Secure scholarship funding

Professional schools, including graduate business programs, rarely offer teaching assistant positions, so scholarships are typically the only way candidates can receive financial help. A number of schools place individuals with work experience over those without when awarding these funds.