Different Types of Pilot Certification


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Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association
Image: aopa.org

As the CEO of Gladstone Consulting, Inc., Aubrey Gladstone leads a team in providing comprehensive, hands-on services in the areas of corporate liquidation, litigation support, and problem resolution. Also an experienced aircraft pilot, Aubrey Gladstone has toured the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and England, piloting small private planes.

For those interested in getting a pilot’s license, the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) offers three different certifications in its Learn to Fly program. Below is a brief description of the training certificates offered.

1. Recreational pilot certificate – Ideal for those interested in daytime, local flying at a home airport. Pilots must stay within 50 nautical miles of their home base.

2. Sport pilot certificates – This certificate requires the fewest hours of training, and it allows a pilot to fly one- or two-seat planes during daylight hours in good weather.

3. Private pilot certificate – Similar to a driver’s license, this certificate allows the pilot to fly anywhere in the United States. This is the right option for someone interested in exploring a career in flying.

Individuals can start with either the sport or recreational license and then continue with their training if they decide to pursue the more intensive private pilot certificate.