Journey to Normal Tells the Story of Female Combat Veterans

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Journal to Normal

As president of Gladstone Consulting, Inc., Aubrey Gladstone oversees a successful firm that provides corporate restructuring, problem resolution, and litigation support services. Outside of the office, Aubrey Gladstone gives back to the community through his support of several causes and organizations. He recently helped fund the production of the documentary Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home.

Directed by JulieHera DeStefano, Journey to Normal documents the experiences of female combat veterans who served the United States during tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. To learn about the experiences and changing roles of women soldiers, DeStefano travelled around Regional Command-East in Afghanistan from December 2010 to April 2011 and interviewed more than 100 women serving the area.

After returning to the United States, DeStefano interviewed and filmed female veterans throughout the United States and began raising funds for what would become Journey to Normal, a feature-length documentary that was released nationwide in the spring of 2015. Today, the Journey to Normal team is working to create an online community where women veterans can share their stories and connect with those who have had similar experiences.

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